Falando sobre Storage – Top 10 Best Practices

  1. Understand the IO characteristics of SQL Server and the specific IO requirements / characteristics of your application
  2. More / faster spindles are better for performance
  3. Try not to “over” optimize the design of the storage; simpler designs generally offer good performance and more flexibility
  4. Validate configurations prior to deployment
  5. Always place log files on RAID 1+0 (or RAID 1) disks
  6. Isolate log from data at the physical disk level
  7. Consider configuration of TEMPDB database
  8. Lining up the number of data files with CPU’s has scalability advantages for allocation intensive workloads
  9. Don’t overlook some of SQL Server basics
  10. Don’t overlook storage configuration bases

Citação :

Storage Top 10 Best Practices (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc966534.aspx)


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