CleverWorkarounds » Troubleshooting SPSearch (and good practices for moving large files)


Ao copiar arquivos para o novo local de índices, a origem nao continha os arquivos; ERRO FILE NOT FOUND

1. When SPSearch breaks…

mssearch.exe (0×1654) 0×1694 Search Server Common IDXPIPlugin 0 Monitorable CTripoliPiMgr::InitializeNew –
_CopyNoiseFiles returned 0×80070003 –
File:d:officesourcesearchytripsearchtripoliplugintripolipimgr.cxx Line:519

It then dawned on me. Perhaps the SharePoint installer puts some files into the initially configured index location and despite moving the index to another location, SharePoint still looks to this original location for some necessary files. To test this, I loaded up a blank Windows 2003 VM and installed SharePoint SP1 *without* running the configuration wizard. When I looked in the location of the index files, sure enough – there are some files as shown below.


It turned out that during our disk reconfiguration, the path of F:DATAINDEX no longer existed. So I recreated the path specified in the registry (F:DATAINDEX) and copied the contents of the CONFIG folder from my fresh VM install. I then started the search service from Central Administration and… bingo! Search finally started successfully…Wohoo!


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